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Serving Love and Comfort to Our Community

General Manager Jenah Bosch on the Meaningful Impact of the Dinners with Love Program

Southside Steakhouse is a known staple in Rutland. What you may not know is they have participated in the VNAHSR’s Dinners with Love program for a number of years.

Here’s what General Manager, Jenah Bosch, had to say about why Dinners with Love is important to Southside Steakhouse:

“It is always a pleasure to send a meal home with a Dinners with Love Hospice volunteer because I know we’re delivering a little bit of happiness and comfort to the family who is receiving it. 

The team at Southside Steakhouse is full of people who truly love and care about our community; participating in Dinners with Love is just one way we can reach out and put that love for Rutland into action.

The VNA holds a special place in my heart, personally, because they cared for my amazing Grandfather on many occasions throughout the years before he passed. I am always grateful for an opportunity to support the people who were so good to a man who was so important to me.”

A recent recipient of the Dinners with Love program sent the following sweet note to Southside Steakhouse to express their gratitude:

To the Owners & Chefs at Southside Steakhouse, 

I am so very appreciative for the meals of love sent to me through the Dinners with Love Hospice Program.

We were nourished by an amazing meal and love all around. The meals of love program is an invaluable gift… one of the many things that makes Rutland such an amazing community.”

Thank you Southside Steakhouse for supporting the Hospice patients and families of the VNAHSR!