Leading the Way in Community Health Care

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life for people in the communities we serve. Through visiting nurse services, hospice and palliative care, programs for children and families, and a keen focus on delivering the best patient experience, our leadership team and board of trustees are among the best and brightest across Bennington and Rutland Counties all working towards helping you achieve your best level of health.

Our Executive Team

  • Ron Cioffi, leadership, RAVNAH, VNA & Hospice, CEO
    Ron Cioffi
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Sara King, leadership
    Sara King
    Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer
  • Catherine Schneider, leadership, VNAHSR
    Catherine Schneider
    Director of Home Care
  • Nicole Moran, leadership
    Nicole Moran
    Director, Palliative Care & Hospice Services
  • Harry Snyder, leadership
    Harry Snyder
    Director of Human Resources