Annual Reports


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to express our deep gratitude to you for standing with us, for supporting us during one of the most challenging years for our patients and families our staff and the entire community. Looking back at the past year, I am proud at the accomplishments of this agency when responding to COVID-19. I am inspired by the generosity of our community that stepped up and made masks or donated masks for our staff and for many individuals and businesses who supported us with funding that helped us purchase the protective equipment our staff needed to care for our patients safely.

Our staff demonstrated again and again that even a global pandemic cannot keep us from our shared mission of providing exceptional care. One of the most significant events of 2020, was the announcement from our CEO, Ron Cioffi that he would be retiring in June of 2021. Success for a non-profit agency depends on a great partnership between the CEO and the Board of Directors. It’s a relationship of trust, respect, accountability, and honest communication.

The CEO sets the tone and the vision for the agency. Laser focused on our mission, Ron clearly articulated to the Board the importance of the work of this agency and as a Board of Directors, we were honored to work side-by-side with him. We wish him well in his retirement.

In 2021, we welcome Sara King as our new Chief Executive Officer. Sara, like Ron is steadfast in her dedication to our mission and as a Board of Directors we stand with her. The future of home health and hospice care is bright. We simply cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

Dante DiBattista,
President, Board of Directors