Annual Reports


We are pleased to present our 2017 Annual Report highlighting our achievements and progress in providing high quality and compassionate home health care, hospice care and community-based services for individuals in Bennington and Rutland Counties.

Our model of care – working in the home and out in the community – has proven to be more effective in delivering better outcomes, supporting a healthier population, building stronger families and effecting change in our communities.

As a matter of fact, the 37 towns we serve have counted on us to provide expert, high-quality, compassionate care to all, regardless their age, ability or financial situation.

As healthcare has evolved -across the country and around the world, so too have we.

Since 2007, we have merged with home health agencies in Dorset, Bennington, and Manchester. While the size of our agency has changed, one thing hasn’t changed – our commitment to serving the needs of our patients.

In 2017, we took the bold step of aligning our branch locations under our corporate name of the VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region. This cohesive identity honored our roots and embraced where we are now as one of the largest home health agencies in Vermont.

It was time. Our change in name solidified our commitment to the communities we serve and reflects our efforts to maintain a strong, singular organization that focuses on the thousands of patients we serve. Operationally, it provides valuable consistency in coordinating care with provider partners.

Our name is intended to clearly and consistently communicate our scope of services, the impact of our expertise, and the depth of our commitment to the future of healthcare and what it means to people in Bennington and Rutland Counties.

For over 70 years, we have been propelled by a vision of being the best provider of home and community-based health care in Vermont. This has long challenged us to do more for the individuals and families we serve. As healthcare has become increasingly complex, seemingly changing from moment to moment, so must we continue to adapt.

We continue to be humbled and honored by the incredible support from our donors, volunteers, sponsors and towns that support us as we work to advance access to high quality, dignified, compassionate care. As you continue to support us, donate to us and collaborate with us, you move us closer to our vision of being the best provider of in-home and community-based care and services.


Ronald J. Cioffi, Executive Director

Carrie Allen, Board President