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Our Mission

Our Mission
 To enhance the quality of life of all we serve through comprehensive home and community health services.

Our Vision
To be the best provider of home and community based health care in Vermont.

Our Core Values
 Help guide us in how we approach our business decisions and our relationships with our patients/families, our partners and each other.

We live up to our mission every day within the context of the following core values:



We earn the confidence and trust of those we serve by demonstrating transparency, sincerity and reliability.


We are committed to providing consistently superior performance that surpasses requirements and expectations through constant adaptation, innovation and vigilance.


We honor our commitment and the reputation of our organization by embracing personal responsibility and entrusting teammates.


We are empowered to inspire success in others by guiding with creative and innovative thinking, levelheadedness, perseverance and open-mindedness.


We work collaboratively and selflessly by celebrating differences as strengths and providing constructive feedback to others despite conflicts between individuals.


We involve and look out for one another, do whatever it takes to take care of our community, and persist through challenges by developing shared solutions.