Be Our Partner

Thanks to the generous support of the families and companies we work with, we can fulfill our mission to treat patients regardless of where they live, complexity of condition or financial situation.

In 2022 alone, we said yes to provide $1.5 million dollars in charitable care. We are able to continue to say yes to every patient, in spite of reduced reimbursement rates, because of donors like you.

VNA & Hospice provides compassionate, innovative care of the highest quality. Your generous support makes our work possible. There are many ways to give and even the smallest gift can make a huge difference. Please consider donating today.

No one in our community should have to face a health crisis alone. Health issues eventually impact every family and that impact is often felt the hardest by those who are underinsured, or have no insurance at all. Even despite recent health care reform, these challenges persist. Over the years, we have become synonymous with providing high-quality healthcare for our community, including those who face financial challenges.

You can help us provide home healthcare to those recovering from injury or surgery, and those living with chronic illnesses. You can help us provide hospice care for patients and families facing life’s end, and you can help us comfort spouses, children, and families who have lost loved ones.

When you donate to VNA & Hospice you don’t have to wonder if your gift will make a difference. Your support matters every day to the thousands of people who rely on the VNA for exceptional home health, hospice, and community wellness services. And the people who benefit from your donation aren’t strangers—they are your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, perhaps even your own family.

There is good economic news for seniors interested in making a charitable gift to Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice of the Southwest Region (VNAHSR) thanks to a recent tax code amendment that included a permanent extension of the IRA charitable rollover.

Donors age 70½ or older can now make tax-free charitable gifts of up to $100,000 per year directly from their Individual Retirement Accounts to eligible charities.

Taxpayers age 70½ and older are required to take annual distributions from their IRAs, which then are included in their adjusted gross income and subject to tax. The IRA charitable rollover permits taxpayers to make donations directly to charitable organizations from their IRAs without counting them as part of their AGI. This rollover distribution counts toward the required minimum distribution for IRA holders.

To make a gift to using the IRA charitable rollover:
• Contact your IRA administrator and authorize them to send a check from your IRA directly to VNAHSR.
• Ask your IRA trustee or administrator to clearly reveal this is an IRA rollover provision gift and identify you as the IRA account owner.
• Send your IRA Charitable Rollover gift to:
7 Albert Cree Drive
Rutland, VT 05701

If you would like memorial donations to benefit the care we provide to our community, you may include the following information in the obituary:

Memorial donations may be made to the VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region 7 Albert Cree Drive, Rutland, VT 05701.

If you would like to make a gift over the phone, please call 802.770.1520.If you prefer to mail your gift to us, please send to:

The Office of Philanthropy
VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region
7 Albert Cree Drive
Rutland, VT 05701