Keeping Active is a Lifetime Pursuit

October is National Physical Therapy Month, an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapy.

Get regular exercise

Keeping physically active and fit is a lifetime pursuit. Getting older may mean needing to modify your routine, but not becoming inactive. It is so important to get regular exercise to keep your joints and muscles healthy and for your overall physical and mental health.

Walking, for many people, is the easiest and most convenient way to get aerobic and weight-bearing exercise. As we age, we tend to lose density in our bones, and being on our feet is so important. This, along with a healthy diet, and enough calcium, vitamin D and some sunshine, helps to keep our bones healthy.

That said walking can be difficult for some people due to deconditioning, pain, surgery, or disability. Physical therapy can help get you back on your feet! With a customized exercise program, activity modification, and perhaps the right assistive device you can be out walking and enjoying this beautiful fall weather.

If you are not able to exercise or walk without pain

If you are not able to exercise or walk without pain, a conversation about your goals and concerns with your primary care provider at your annual physical may prompt your provider to order physical therapy for issues such as weakness, lack of flexibility, or poor endurance.

How physical therapy can help

Physical therapy helps people of all ages who have medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that limit their ability to move and function.

A physical therapist will work with you and collaborate with your care providers to fully understand your situation and develop a custom plan to achieve your goals.

If you have questions about how physical therapy may help you or someone you love, please ask your health care provider or call VNA Outpatient Therapy at 802.362.6509

VNA Outpatient Therapy, a program of the VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region, is located at 5468 Main Street in Manchester, VT. The team of therapists provides advanced care in a fully-accessible open gym with quality fitness equipment. Physical therapists are movement experts who optimize quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on-care, and patient education.

Sindy Hassig, PT, is a physical therapist at VNA Outpatient Therapy, a program of the VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region