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Meet Dean

The Philanthropy Department knows Dean’s name well. 

About every four weeks or so a donation from Dean arrives at our office.

With such dedicated and frequent giving, we had to ask Dean what inspired his support for the VNAHSR. Please find his touching response below:

“When I had my ileostomy and a cystoprostatectomy, I availed myself of your services for a while.

A nurse to check on me each week, then a person to check to see if I was able to move safely about our abode. Also, a physical therapist to make sure that my carriage and musculature were also doing well. 

When my Heavenly Father saw fit that the Veterans Affairs would rate me at 100% disabled, and it was service connected, I asked where most of the money should go. I did not have need of all of it. 

They gave me a list of places where the excess should go. Your organization came up and you got approved.

A great big round of thank you’s to all who aided in my recovery!”Thank you Dean, and to you as well, for supporting the VNAHSR!

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