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  This year, we are hosting clinics by appointment only . Visit our Flu Clinic Calendar to schedule your appointment. If you need help making your appointment, call us at 802.775.0568. Where Can I Get a Flu Shot? We Got You! Your local home health agency has been protecting communities against the flu for decades. But this year you may have more questions. We're here to help. Will a flu vaccine protect me against COVID-19? No, Flu and COVID-19 are different diseases caused by viruses in different families. However, the flu vaccination can help you to reduce your risk from the flu, and also help conserve potentially scarce health care resources. Viruses are constantly changing and the annual flu vaccines may be updated from year-to-year based on the most current research. Though development of a COVID-19 vaccine is underway, a vaccine is currently unavailable. Flu Clinic Calendar
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